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"The (34th) division participated in six major Army campaigns in North Africa and Italy. The division is credited with amassing 517 days of front-line combat, second only to the 654 days of fighting by the 32nd Infantry Division. One or more 34th Division units were engaged in actual combat for 611 days."

34th Infantry Division, U.S. Army

"The 34th Infantry Division...was the first American division deployed to Europe in World War II, where it fought with great distinction in the Italian Campaign."


Our June 18 Road Trip to Evansville was officially cancelled as of June 12, 2022.

Sometimes changes to plans happen and this is the case with our long-planned and anticipated road trip to Evansville, Indiana. Due to both the large expense to hold an event there and to the limited number of members who sent an RSVP, your president and vice-presidents concluded this was not in the best financial interest for our organization. A couple board members will however go to visit and record stories of the veterans we had planned to hear at the museum and share at a later time.

-Charles Allen Holt, D.O., President, WWII Roundtable

About our June 18 Road Trip to Evansville for a special program...

See pages 4 & 5 of May 2022 Newsletter for more information, including cost and transportation, for this special WWII Roundtable organized road trip to the Evansville Wartime Museum, 7503 Petersburg Road, Evansville, IN 47725.

10-Day Cold War Espionage Tour

of Germany and the Czech Republic

March 19 - 28, 2023 

with Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

Enroll by November 10, 2022

For detail tour information, please click this link.


​​​Program with speakers, 12:30 - 1:30 PM:

1. Richard Kolodey, Veteran Marine, who served as a gunner on Grumman TBM Avenger in the South Pacific.

2. Josephine, a neighbor of Kolodey's, may share her story about installing instrument panels on planes during WWII.

3. Linda Minton, WWII Roundtable member, will talk about Evansville's contribution to the war effort.

Guided tour, 2:00 - 2:45 PM 

Followed by free time in the museum until it closes at 4:00 PM (new closing hours as of April 7, 2022).

WWII IN DEPTH:  6/18/19 - 6/27/19

Kathryn Lerch, Park Tudor History Department

Throughout the years, WWII Roundtable Members and friends have had the opportunity to travel to significant and historical locations all over the world. Below is a list of our current organized trips.