34th Infantry Division, U.S. Army

"The 34th Infantry Division...was the first American division deployed to Europe in World War II, where it fought with great distinction in the Italian Campaign."


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1. US Submarine Chaser 38 in World War I 

"My Dad in the Motor Boat Navy" "...Tribute to both father (Raymond K. Featherstone, Sr.) and son, as well as the courageous men who served on this 110’ wood boat in pursuit of German U-boats."

2. Major John G. Emery in World War I - Early Leader of The American Legion 
John Emery's WWI experiences in the 18th Infantry, 1st Division, of the AEF."

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Raymond K. Featherstone, Sr. (second from left)

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"US Submarine Chaser 38 in World War I," and "Major John G. Emery in World War I – Early Leader of The American Legion."

Combat chronicle

"The (34th) division participated in six major Army campaigns in North Africa and Italy. The division is credited with amassing 517 days of front-line combat, second only to the 654 days of fighting by the 32nd Infantry Division. One or more 34th Division units were engaged in actual combat for 611 days."

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