World War II in Depth:

England - France - Germany - Austria

​WW2 themed and escorted trip to Europe
June 13-22, 2023 

Veteran Family $20
Non-Veteran Family $25
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WWII Roundtable Inc.

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WWII Roundtable Dinner Meeting

Monday, December 5, 2022

​(In-Person Only)​​​

Travel & Tour

Brown County Bald Eagles (click here for flyer)​ ​

December 3, 2022

​81st Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack​


The story of Frank Olivi, one of the copilots of “Bockscar” 
Presenter: Jim Olivi, nephew of Frank Olivi

Read it here:


In-person & ZOOM​​

Dinner (RSVP), $11 + table tip
6:00 PM dinner served

7:00 PM program

Jan 24, Feb 28, Mar 28, Apr 25,
May 23, June 27, July 25, Aug 22, 
Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 28,
Dec 5​​

Times: 1100 Meet-N-Greet; 1200 Welcome/Buffet Dinner $25

Brown County Inn, 

​RSVP Deadline - November 30, 2022

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Phone RSVP: (812) 988-2377

This Christmas tree is a work of art and has many neat and unusual ornaments. It has been donated and all proceeds from the sale of tickets will go directly to our WWII Roundtable. 

Tickets will be sold on Dec. 5, 2022 at our dinner meeting. 

​Ticket prices are: $5.00 for one (1) ticket, $20.00 for five (5) tickets.
The winning ticket will also be drawn at our December 5, 2022 meeting.

NOTE: TICKETS SOLD FOR A CHANCE ON THIS TREE WILL BE A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE NORMAL RED TICKETS WE SELL AT ALL OF OUR REGULAR MEETINGS. Be sure to keep any ticket you purchase for a chance on this tree. If the holder of the winning ticket is not present another ticket will be drawn.
If needed, I will deliver the tree within a 12 mile radius of our meeting site. Contact KARL KLEINBUB, 317-607-6948 if you need help getting the tree home.

Featuring a live speaker and a special drawing for a beautiful Christmas tree prize!

Our Commemorative Challenge Coins are beautiful. They are given FREE to all WWII Veterans. They are also available with a $10 donation.

Jerry Greenberg, WWII & Korean War

Merchant Marine Seaman tells his story

Interviewer: Karl Kleinbub, WWII RT executive board member

Learn about our men who risked their lives to deliver the goods.

Special Announcement

​Northside Events & Social Club (formerly "Knights of Columbus")

2100 E 71st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana​​

​Doors open - 5 PM. Dinner - 6 PM. Program - 7 PM.


​​​Remember to RSVP for Dec. 5th Dinner by Thurs., Dec. 1

If you haven't done so yet for the December dinner meeting, please send your ​​RSVP dinner reservations to Karl Kleinbub, ​​ or phone (317) 607-6948. 

Please bring exact change (cash): $11 for your dinner, plus a few dollars for your generous dinner tip. Drawing tickets are $5 (ea) and are optional. Prizes are your pick of a variety of military history collector artifacts and books.

Join us! 

 Learn about WWII history from the heroes that lived it. 

Meet authors, heroes, historians, history buffs & Veterans. ​​​

Everyone is welcome - all ages! 

​​​Share and view events for Veterans, friends & families all around Central Indiana.

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For new members' information, our organization's name is WWII Roundtable​ and our meeting place's name is Northside Events & Social Club.

Wanted: Input from Members

What is your favorite WWII movie and/or WWII book?

A special drawing for a beautiful Christmas tree prize!

​Northside Events & Social Club 
(formerly K of C)
2100 E 71st Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46220​

“Bockscar” was the name of The B-29 that delivered the second nuclear device, “Fat Man” a plutonium implosion bomb on the city of Nagasaki on 9 August 1945.

​​Please click this link for trip information and cost. Click this link to view photo slides from a previous escorted trip to the same places. 

​Trip sponsored by Legacy Initiative Project. ​

Contact: Kathryn Lerch

317-251-8661 (landline) 

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Where History and Heroes  Meet

Do you have a favorite movie or book about WWII that you'd like to recommend?​ If so, please write it down and bring your info with you to our dinner meetings. We'd like to start a list of our members' favorites to share with the rest of our membership group. You may include your name with your recommendations, or not. Dr. Chuck Holt and a volunteer helper will be glad to collect your info.