New on YouTube: A one-minute clip of Bob Pedigo receiving the Legion of Honour medal from President Macron of France. 

(Posted on Mar 19, 2024)


New on YouTube:

"Japanese Strategic War Objectives" by John Shively

This is the first of a 2-part lecture series on Japanese strategic pre-war objectives. (Posted on Mar 19, 2024)

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     "Greetings! WOW! The 80th Anniversary of D-Day was remarkable and a blessing to the World. So VERY cool that one of our very own D-Day vets, Bob Pedigo, was there on international news and received, in person, the French Legion of Honor from President Macron (along with  two kisses on his cheeks!). At our June meeting he tearfully said it was the greatest moment in his life...he had NEVER actually set foot in France—only flew over it bombing targets there and in Germany as a bombardier! He said they used the Eifel Tower in Paris as a landmark and guide to some of their bombing runs. It is also SO wonderful to have at our dinner meetings Bob Begeman and Alex Rearick...our other two WWII veterans!
     So...YOU need to bring future members to our presentations and build up our membership—dues and donations are what keep us afloat! We need YOUNG history buffs to fill our room...reach out to your kids/grandkids/friends and tell them what a WONDERFUL event we have EVERY month but for December.  
     ALSO! The Board and I and others work diligently to find/schedule/groom/ assist with our speakers' presentations. We need YOU to let us know of potential presenters—we can help them with PPP (Power Point Presentation)s and tailor their talks to most prescient things that we need to know! Contact any of us –- we are in constant need of leads, because it may require many months to fit them into our schedule. If they cannot present, WE can present on their behalf and help them. If we are to retain our country's knowledge of WWII, it requires due diligence, on all of us, to educate each generation or we will SURELY repeat history's horrors!"  
Charles Allen Holt, D.O.

RSVP: Please send your RSVP to Karl Kleinbub,, or phone (317) 607-6948, no later than Thursday before Monday's program.​​ 

Please bring exact change ($11 cash) for your dinner, plus a few dollars for your generous dinner tip. Drawing tickets are $5 (ea) and are optional. Prizes are your pick of a variety of military history collector artifacts and books.

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Monday, July 22, 2024​​


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"In February 1945, the 11th U.S. Airborne Division and six Philippine guerrilla units operating on Luzon devised a plan to liberate a Japanese internment camp (holding) the second largest concentration of civilian allied men, women, and children in the Philippines, including "a few U.S. Navy nurses who had been incarcerated since their capture on Corregidor in 1942."​​

"The sole reason for the entire mission: the liberation of the 2,147 internees from almost certain death."

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"Clearly shown in the painting is a guerrilla armed with a bolo knife divesting a Japanese sentry of his rifle. Crouched behind the foliage and clutching U.S. issued .30 caliber M1903 series rifles, are other members of the force who wait to assist the 11th Airborne force landing in front of the camp."

Credits: The American Soldier - U.S. Center of Military History,

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​​​​​Thank you for your service, Bob Pedigo!


​Liberation of Los Banos in the Philippine Islands

SPEAKER: Jeremy C. Holm, WWII airborne historian and author

​Northside Events & Social Club (formerly "Knights of Columbus")

2100 E 71st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana​​

​Doors open - 5 PM. Dinner - 6 PM. Program - 7 PM.


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